About Us

Food.  The way it was meant to be.

Food used to be produced with care, patience and a lot of hard work. Back then, simple staples were wholesome, nourishing and brought families together. Sure, they were much simpler times, but they were rooted in the kind of timeless values and practices we’re proud to believe in. We think that’s the way food should be. And we’ve made it our mission, everyday, to bring it back.

The Stubborn Farmer is located in Beaverton, Ontario, where we practice balanced, responsible and sustainable farming.

Everyone working on the farm is committed to your health and the health of your environment. We cooperate with nature to produce healthy and nutritious food through ethical, respectful and sustainable farming practices. With a balanced, responsible, and poly-cultural approach to farming, we grow an extensive variety of vegetables and raise diverse livestock. We ensure that our farming practices invest in and work with nature, complementing and building upon the natural environment instead of exploiting, confining, and damaging it.